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Welcome to Khorvair!

Dangerous, Exciting, Khorvair is a land of opportunity if you know where to look. Breland’s largest city, Sharn, is a sprawling urban metropolis, a forest of mighty towers linked by magical tramways and bridges. At the tops of the mighty spires, the rich and noble strut through palatial gardens and occupy their time with high commerce and gentle entertainments. The further down you get, the more desperate and ignoble the city becomes.

Times Have Changed

It has been nearly a generation since war last tore Khorvaire apart. Two human dynasties have come to dominate politics in the region, Breland in the south, and Karrnath in the north. Over the last few years, artifacts recovered in Xen’Drik, the jungled and mysterious continent far to the south, have threatened to imbalance the delicate equilibrium that keeps the two powers from clashing. A cold war has begun as agents of the two nations struggle to outmanuever each other, and gain the upper hand.

The Golem’s Head

Crouched between the markets and the docks, the Golem’s Head is the place to go if you want andventure, or if you want adventurers. Run by three Warforged veterans, it’s doors never close and the ‘blood board’ behind the bar is covered with notices for work all across the continent and beyond.

The Cogs

Deep in the bowels of the city, beneath the Golem’s Head and the markets, is The Cogs. The industrial heart of Sharn, and also the slums and hanging shanties that house the workforce of the city. Reputedly fuelled by a great pool of magma under the city, the factories in The Cogs use magic and machinery to produce the goods that make Sharn (or at least the upper city) rich.

Tavick’s Landing

Mercantile center of the city, the Uppers contain the markets, guildhalls and the homes of the majority of the the city.


The rich and powerful live in the Skyway, a city within the city constructed from shining white stone, connected by hanging gardens and delicate bridges. Flying gondolas transport the great and the good from place to place, and a small army of constables ensure that they are not disturbed by the heaving masses below.In the Skyway, the only business is pleasure, and the only ones welcome are those that need not ask how much it costs.

How The Game Will Work

Here you will find the information you will need to create a character for this game.

Main Page

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