Tavick's Landing

Tavick’s Landing is divided into Upper, and Lower.

Upper Tavick’s Landing

Upper Tavick’s Landing is a city within the city. The best services, markets and people can be found here, or at least that is what it’s denizens would have you believe. Certainly, the inhabitants of Upper Tavick’s Landing are the more wealthy inhabitants of the city. Perhaps not as rich as the inhabitants of the Skyway, but certainly wealthy enough to enjoy privelidges beyond those of the rest of Sharn, including their own police. In Upper Tavick’s Landing there are laws that apply nowhere else in Sharn, and failing to observe them could have you fined, expelled, or worse.

Soldiers of House Deneith have been hired by the residents, and have authority equal to that of the watch within it’s limits. A compliment of 100 Blademark mercenaries man checkpoints and patrol the streets in the areas. They challenge and harass anyone who looks like they don’t belong.

A character must obtain a licence worth 5gp to carry a weapon within the confines of Upper Tavick’s Landing. The licence is obtained individually per weapon, and as it is intended to prevent undesirables from carrying weapons into the area the character must succeed a DC25 Diplomacy check to convince the functionary to give them one. The document, which must be carried at all times, contains a detailed list of the weapons the bearer is licensed to carry, and a great deal of personal information. Guards can ask to see the license, and will search for and confiscate any weapons not listed. It is also left to the discretion of the guard concerned to define what constitutes a ‘weapon’

A different license is required to cast spells, and costs 10gp for every spell required. The details of each spell, and the reasons for them are all noted on the license. Unauthorised use of magic carries a fine of 50gp times the level of the spell concerned.

Upper Tavick’s Landing also has a dress code. Armor is not allowed unless the wearer is part of the Watch, or a dragon-marked house. Any outfit that costs less than 5gp is likely going to result in the guards escorting the character out of the area until they change. As with the weapon definition, the definition of ‘respectable attire’ is entirely up to the guard concerned. This law is often used by the guards to expel those they believe to be undesirable, regardless of their actual attire.

Fighting, shouting in the streets and acts of drunkenness or lewdness are all not allowed within Upper Tavick’s Landing. Anyone caught doing any of these things will be fined 5gp and expelled from the area for a time.

Even aside from these laws, the residents of Upper Tavick’s Landing are unlikely to be overly friendly to anyone who appears foriegn, of a different race, or poor.

Middle Tavick’s Landing

Unlike Upper Tavick’s Landing, Middle Tavick’s Landing is a cosmopolitan business area. Home to much of the mercantile class, there are markets and workshops throughout Middle Tavick’s Landing. The residents of this area are much more welcoming than their Upper neighbors, providing you are there to buy or sell something.

Lower Tavick’s Landing

Dormitory district for the Cogs, this area is poor but proud. Beds here are cheap, and while you won’t get any of the fancy artifice and feather mattresses of the upper districts, at least there is clean water and rule of law. Better by far than the areas below it.

Death’s Gate

The district known as Death’s Gate is home to most of the cities Adventuring class, and also the location of the Golem’s Head.

Tavick's Landing

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