The Golem's Head

The Golem’s Head

The Golems Head hangs under one of the great bridges connecting the markets to the docks. Accessed by a rickety staircase, a gigantic cyclopean iron head hangs over the door, the titular Golem’s Head that was brought back from Xen’Drik by the retiring adventurers Keeper, Player and Stalker.

Inside, the place has high ceilings and low lighting. Booths line the wall, each with heavy curtains for privacy and even the main floor is gloomy, with many small tables. A large fire pit in the center of the room is the main source of illumination, and also the favourite seat of the Warforged Bard, Player. He sits by the fire selling slices of whatever is roasting and playing tunes to keep the customers happy. A long bar down one wall is Keeper’s domain, a hulking Warforged siege construct who pulls pints and finishes any fights that break out.

The third partner, Stalker, wanders in and out. Still adventuring, he is often looking for other adventurers to fulfill contracts that he doesn’t have time for. The Blood Board, mounted behind the bar, has contracts and posters pinned to it. Most are from Stalker, but anyone with a job that needs doing can put it up, as long as they aren’t fussy how the job gets done.

Notable Regulars
Keeper – Barman
Player – Bard
Stalker – The silent partner

Sergeant Tarquin – Harrassed Watch Sergeant, known to contract adventurers.
Trammel – Tavern regular, has connections all over the city. Known to contract adventurers.
Eliza – Half-elf airship pilot. Flies expeditions all over Khorvair.
Nutt – Halfling troublemaker, known to have contacts in the undercity. Occasionally sells his services as a guide.

The Golem's Head

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