Wind Chariot

The Wind Chariot is a lightweight soarwood sailing vessel. They come in three sizes, a small double-hulled vessel that carries almost no cargo but can be piloted by one person. The largest is a triple-hulled ship with twenty crew and enough cargo space to make it a handy trading vessel.

All of the Wind Chariots use four sails to propel and sail them, and with favourable winds they all move faster and more nimbly than an Elemental powered airship.

The most ‘chariot’ like of the elven ships. This double-hulled ship needs only one crew member to fly, who stands on the bridge operating the counterweights and winch mechanisms that are used to sail the ship. By adjusting the sails and weight distribution of the ship the pilot can cause the ship to ascend, descend, pitch, roll and turn. Some of the more experienced pilots stage aerobatic tournaments when the winds are favourable, and the tricks they pull are astounding.

Aside from personal transportation, these ships have little utility. Some pilots have mastered the art of firing from the bridge though, and one mage in particular has managed to make a fair bit of gold from piracy casting spells from one of these.

The most common Wind Chariots, these vessels are between twenty and fifty feet long, and require between five and ten crew. They have enough cargo space to make them cost-effective traders or passenger vessels, but their primary use is as vessels of war. These ships have the capacity to mount a Ballista on the bow, and with a compliment of warmages on board they are a fearsome oppponent in a fight. The government of Aerenal has used these ships in several engagements against Soarwood smugglers, and they have proved very effective at chasing down and subduing Elemental powered vessels.

These ships are over fifty foot long, requiring between ten and thirty crew members. The largest of these vessels uses four sail arrays to propel it and is armed with a fearsome array of siege engines. It has yet tosee action, but it’s little sisters have been engaged in profitable trading enterprises, and even two excursions to Xen’Drik. So far, no Wind Chariot of this size category has left the direct control of the Aundair government. Since most of the crew on these ships are Undying, it is unlikely that will change any time soon.

Wind Chariot

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