Welcome to The Golem’s Head!

The Golem’s Head is the beating heart of Sharn’s adventuring community, such as it is. Scarred warriors sitting around battered tables, rogues and sorcerers playing dice and whispering. The building has been here since the end of the Last War, hanging precariously off of a larger tower. The huge iron head hanging above the door scowls at you on your way in, eyes glowing deep in their sockets.

Keeper, the Barman, is a Warforged. Seven foot of steel plating, he tends the bar day and night. The Golem’s Head never closes, and if you’re good in a fight, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, there is no better place to find a bit of work.

OOC: A Game for the Living is a pool based pbp game. By that, I mean that each player makes at least one PC, and anybody can run an adventure. The only rules are these: No adventure should give an unfair advantage or reward to a particular character without approval from myself, and no character should be involved in more than one adventure simultaneously.

For this reason I advise creation of at least two characters, so that you have more opportunity to take part.

Scenes can also take part over IM, if they do, then post the log in the forum.

Books Required:
Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Players Handbook
Ebberon Campaign Setting

Books Recommended:
DM’s Guide, Monster Manual
Psionics Handbook

A Game for the Living

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