How The Game Will Work

How the Game Works

This game is what I call an Adventure Pool. Each player has up to three characters, and starts with 15 character levels to spread between them. For example, you might have a level 7, a level 5 and a level 3 character, or three level 5’s.

The game then runs like this: Anyone can start an adventure, and recruit characters into it. No character can be in more than one place at once and no two characters run by the same player can be in the same adventure (unless I say otherwise), but beyond that players can be involved in as many or as few adventures as they like. Just lurking around in the Golem’s Head is also perfectly acceptable.

There is a backdrop of political turmoil which will provide the basis for the adventures that I run, but beyond that there is no ‘Grand Quest’ or ultimate objective to the game. Each character may have (and pursue) their own goals and ambitions.

Rolling Characters

Each player will be asked to roll five sets of stats, witnessed by me. This will be done by rolling 4d6, then discarding the lowest result. After rolling these five, the player will then select the sets he/she wants (up to three sets). Each player may reroll 1 (ONE) result of their choice.


Obviously, there has to be a good variety of characters available. With this in mind, I would avoid rolling three rogues, or any similarly homogeneous group of characters.

Character Death

Characters will likely die in the course of this game. That’s life. However, the player may roll another character one level lower than the deceased and carry on playing, even in the same adventure provided there is a sensible way of inserting them.

How The Game Will Work

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