Times Have Changed

Thunderstone Cannons

Five years ago, a joint expedition between Karrnath and Breland unearthed a ruin deep in the jungles of Xen’Drik. There they found ancient weapons and technologies that would revolutionise warfare and give the nation that successfully recovered them an unbeatable advantage. The team immediately fell to fighting over who would take the artifacts home, and the fight became deadly.

Four of the thirty team members escaped alive from the jungles, two from each side. Each had a hold full of artifacts in their Airship, artifacts that have since changed the face of war.

Thunderstone Weaponry

Elven Wind-Chariots

The Elves of Aerenal, only exporters of the exotic Soarwood used in Airship construction, have recently perfected an airship that directly competes with Zilargo’s elemental vessels. These ‘Wind Chariots’ are much lighter, and are incapable of carrying the quantities of cargo that Airships are, but they are much cheaper and require very few crew members. The Elves have begun producing them in numbers, but they only sell them to other elves, and piloting them requires extensive training.

Wind Chariot

Times Have Changed

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